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Cadini del Brenton

Cadini del Brenton

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Hikes Trails: Cadini del Brenton

Hikes trails Cadini del Brenton :

Following the path that leads to the valley, passing through a forest of beech, birch, maple, fir and larch trees, you can easily reach this enchanted place, a masterpiece of nature.

Water is the limpid and crystalline protagonist of the Mis Torrent, which in hundreds of thousands of years of incessant work has dug these huge pools.

The harmonic, dull, incessant and intoxicating sound of the waterfalls, the spectacle of colors and reflections, give a spell that kidnaps and clears the mind of thoughts.

On hot summer days the are a wonderful place to find yourself, surrounded by a magical atmosphere.

What is it and how to reach it?

They are located in the Valle del Torrente Mis, in a Visitor Center and equipped path in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. They can also be reached by car / motorbike, with the possibility of parking. The Bar Ristorante della Valle gives you the opportunity to have lunch or a snack and extend your stay for the whole day, thus also visiting the other wonders of the place, such as the Soffia Falls.

Attention: from June 2020 the entrance to the Cadini del Brenton naturalistic area is subject to a fee

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